Monday, February 3, 2014

I was featured on as the first poet for Mad Swirl this issue which is pretty cool (the main page of the Poetry Forum constantly updates so I'm providing a link to my page at the swirliness. They run a great site over there. It's awesome that they support me from this many miles away. Thanks to Johnny and to MH!

I've sold more books than I ever have in the past two months. It's mostly Glyphic, with a few For Monks Only on the side. I'm working on getting the Sacred Calendar out on Kindle. It's out at Smashwords [thus iBooks, Kobo (which I'm thinking of submitting to manually since they seem to be pretty fucking awesome!), Sony, B&N, etc] and it has been pirated so you can find it at most torrent sites. Amazon seems to be the most proficient book universe. There's a huge upside to having some presence there even though in general it's not the best dashboard and not the most personal site.

The big thing that I've been reading and thinking about is that you here all this stuff about Author Platforms and other bullshit. The more I write and get stuff out there I'm thinking that it's more about just being yourself. For me, a writer of contemporary literature and some pretty esoteric books, it makes more sense to not follow the normal protocol that works for writers of vampire romances.

Those are my thoughts for the week. I'm curious what other writers think and do. Feel free to comment.


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