Thursday, May 22, 2014

For Monks Only Got a New Cover

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About the Author

Ralph-Michael Chiaia became a full-time writer in 2017. Until then he messed around running his pub and drugs and playing pool, smoking over a pack a day of Marlboro Mediums. Chiaiate la Boca is his next work: a 129-act play optioned to Peter Jackson. He is coming to a theatre near you.  

Before that, Chiaia popped out in NYC in 1975. He grew up in Montclair, NJ. He currently lives in Seoul where he owns and operates RAndy's Bar. Come in and say hello if you're in the neighborhood. He has previously published some books of poems:Ten Poems Ampersands And, Glyphic, I, Orange Girls, and the Sacred Calendar. Glyphic was a finalist and runner-up for both the Elixir Press Poetry Award and the Cervena Barva Press Award. 

Before coming to South Korea he was a staff reporter in Oaxaca, Oaxaca for "The Grasshopper" -- English-language section of Noticias -- featuring travel articles roving and roaming Latin America. He didn't earn much money there, but he ate well (Mole de Oaxaca is one of the best foods you can ever taste!) and drank well. Las Cremas de Mezcal should be imported to a deli near you. He was sure to eat many grasshoppers so that, according to local legend, he will die face up. 

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