Friday, July 4, 2014

Glyphic (the Animated Psychedelic Mayan Cool Vomit Poetry as Nourishment Video featuring music from Native American Phenom Rapper Supaman and animation from

The Video Speaks for Itself, but if you want to read what inspired the project please check out Poetry as Nourishment: Glyphic


This project was started by Ralph and Dacio (from The idea was to bring the nourishment of poetry to a different format.

Supaman was kind enough to lend his music to the project. Once the beat was going and the three Maya were walking with maracas in hand, the animated video started to take form climaxing in the final psychedelic frames. When Part 7 of Glyphic was first written in the late 90s on a little table in a burger joint in Guatemala it was all about the process of vomit and then nourishment. It also turned into a story about how big business is out of control and taking advantage of indigenous peoples and their lands. It became a battle cry!

Ralph let the book sit for over 10 years and then thought that he had to publish it because the situation hadn't gotten any better. In fact, the southern part of Mexico was in worse shape than it was in the late 90s when he lived there.

This book was released to help tell people of both the beauty and culture of the area and also alert people to the very immediate need for political and economic change. It's the same old struggle. The world powers still haven't learned.

The Glyphic Animated Music Video (on YouTube):

The Book:
Poetry as Nourishment and Latin American Battle Cry: Glyphic

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