Sunday, June 15, 2014


There is this feeling among non-fiction writers that what they do is real and pertains to real life whereas what we do as fiction writers is just play around in a world without consequences or real meaning. I beg to differ. I notice most of the biggest pundits about real life are in the finance or politics sector. I'm a big fan of economics. Part of me wishes I had become the Wolf Of Wall Street -- I also grew up in that area. I spend hours a day researching, watching, and ultimately trading options. For me it's a job that allows me to make money to support my family while I don't compromise my art. My writing can be pure because I have another stream of finance. Now that I've sold my bar, this is necessary. Anyway, back to these non-fiction nazis, the ones that yell at me when I send a personalized email that asks for a review and says no hard feelings if you don't respond and ignore. These guys believe that they are messing around with real world stuff. Politics. Governments. Countries. Presidents and Prime Ministers. They somehow think, or try to make you believe that they think, that fiction is frivolous. Yet most of what transpires in politics is absolute fiction. The difference is one of my books or stories uses fiction to hit a higher emotional truth while not destroying someone's real life by libel. Some of these politicians use fiction as a rhetorical device meant to trick and enslave the masses. Perhaps, that's why I tend to rub these types the wrong way. I'm also a Master Fictionist. As such, I can see through their smoke screen and see into the truth of the matter. They are trying to hide that. I am the enemy. They are my enemy. 

This thought came as I try to scratch and claw to start a writing career. I feel like I'm begging to get a few reviews to my books. Every time I do this one of these types berates me for not knowing them well, or for--how dare I?--presenting them with fiction when everyone damn well knows they don't read fiction. Are they proud of their ignorance? their myopia? their lack of anger management? 

I knew poetry was dying, but is literary fiction also on the way out? I'm sure paranormal fiction and mysteries and zombies are taking over Amazon's kindles but does that have to be the death of literary fiction? Can't we have a little niche somewhere? Is the whole fucking world our enemy now?

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